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About Us

Providing a vehicle for shearing contractors

The NZSCA’s primary function is to provide a vehicle for shearing contractors to join and participate in the benefits of a strong group of like minded employers who have the best interests of their industry foremost in their minds.

The NZSCA does this by informing its Members with sound and practical advice which our membership possesses from a vast pool of knowledge, experience and networking. The NZSCA also provides its Members with the opportunity of up to date legal advice, which every Member is entitled to.

Our Strategic plan

A word from the President

On behalf of the New Zealand Shearing Contractors Association, I’m proud to share and introduce our  new strategic plan for the 2021–2024 period. The Executive see the development of this plan as a natural evolution from our last one. Some of the themes and messages are similar and consistent, which I think is good. It shows we remain focused on the things that matter. For me, the key aspects of PRIDE in PEOPLE, PRODUCT and our COUNTRY run through this new plan and I’m pleased with that. As an Executive we will monitor our progress, update and review annually as needed so that we make sure that we remain focused on the right things, and what we say we will do, we do.


For the past 30+ years the NZSCA has forged long standing relationships with many key government and private sector organisations to help simplify the complex matrix of legislation and compliance issues for its members

Who We Work With