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2024 AGM

New Zealand Shearing Contractors' Association Inc. AGM & Conference


Additional information will be emailed to members before the AGM, including the agenda and statement of financial performance.

Please forward any remits before 5pm, 10th April 2024 to the Secretary using the AGM Remits button below.

Please advise any apologies using the AGM Apologies button below.

Please note – attendance confirmation via the conference registration form is required.


Tahi Ngātahi is an online learning platform that uses video clips to pass on skills and safety tips to farmers, shearing contractors and their employees so they can run a safe and productive wool harvest.

With $1.86 million being committed over two years, Kaiaka Wool Industry Training NZ  will develop and deliver a sustainable, integrated training model for the shearing and wool handling industry.

WOMOlife was appointed by Kaiaka Wool Industry Training NZ to deliver a pilot wool harvesting training programme, recruiting and and training up to 270 early career and new industry participants over the following 18 months.

sound, practical & professional advice for shearing contractors

The NZSCA’s primary function is to provide a vehicle for Shearing Contractors to join and participate in the benefits of a strong group of like-minded contractors who have the best interests of their industry foremost in their minds.

The NZSCA does this by informing its Members with sound, practical and professional advice which our membership possesses from a vast pool of knowledge, experience and networking. The NZSCA also provides its Members with the opportunity of up to date legal advice, public liability insurance, employment agreement templates, health & safety support and more!


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our vision

Leading and guiding shearing professionals by building capability, and driving for excellence at all levels of the workforce.

Our vision will guide our actions to ensure we deliver the future we want for wool harvesting.
Through our actions we will lead and build industry capability, be significant within the wool value chain and be recognised as a leader, driving and promoting excellence across the sector.

our mission

To Lead & Unify Shearing Contractors in New Zealand

To deliver our mission we will strive to:

+ Bring the Shearing Contractors of New Zealand together to create unity and understanding within our industry.

+ Keep our Members fully informed on all current issues that may benefit them.

+ Provide sound, practical, professional advice.

+ Maintain a network of contacts and mentors throughout New Zealand.

+ Enable each individual member to participate and enjoy the benefits of a strong group of like-minded contractors.

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Recent Articles

03 Mar: Phil Holden discusses Wool Harvesting Training on Sarah’s Country

Watch Phil Holden discuss Wool Harvesting Training on Sarah’s Country.

12 Nov: Kaiaka Wool Industry Training NZ

It’s been a tough year for wool, but finally there’s good news – the creation of a new pilot training programme and up to 150 jobs in shearing.

11 Jun: Ronnie Davis – Life Member (2009)

The career of Ron Davis in the wool industry started with a phone call from his older brother Len, who had left their Coromandel home a couple of years earlier to work for George Potae at Milton.

10 Jun: Tahi Ngātahi

Watch Phil Holden discuss Wool Harvesting Training on Sarah’s Country.

15 Oct: Peter Lyon – Life Member (2009)

In all of Golden Shears history, only seven shearers have won titles in lower grades and gone on to appear in the open final. And only one of those – Brian Quinn (senior champ in 1962) has actually won the open.

07 May: Elbert De Koning – Life Member (1994)

Long-serving Southland shearing contractors Elbert and Margaret de Koning were accorded life membership of the New Zealand Shearing Contractors’ Association at Palmerston North this week.


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